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HP Printer

HP brand is very popular in printer and its provided better experience to you her to we provided interesting about HP Printer.
Total Model of HP Printer aprox 290 and all model of HP Printer are not available on AMAZON.IN just 110 model are available and most of model are available on AMAZON.COM .
And you can buy all product direct through HP Store where all model are available. and there are many filter are available to support you for selecting best printer as your requirement.
there are different way to classified to printer
HP Home and home officeIn this category 24 model are available and price range 2000 - 24000 INR. here select top 5 model best for home and home office.
1. HP 419 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer (Black) Price: 13,261.00 INR Printer Type - Ink Tank ; Functionality - All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy) , Scanner type - Flatbed; Printer Output - Colour Connectivity - Wi-Fi, USB, HP Smart App Compatible Ink…

Flour Mill

Flour mill is used for grind for food grain like wheat, rice Sorghum  for making bread(chapatti ). flour mill is a simple mechanism of grinding stone. Grinding of solid matter occurs under the expose of mechanical forces that trench the structures by overcoming of interior bonding forces .Around 6000 BCE it was discovered that wheat seeds could be crushed between simple grinders to make flour. In 1879, at the beginning of the industrial era, the first steam mill was built in London. The grinding of flour is done by grinding grain between stone or steel wheels.
Traditional Flour Mill  Simple domestic flour mill combination of two grinding stone which is placed on one to second. lower grinding stone is to fixed and upper grinding stone is rotatable.
Modern flour mill   Modern flour mill is powered by electricity. And you can control the flour refining as you want.
Working of Flour Mill The modern milling process is a gradual reduction of wheat kernels through a process of grinding and…

Rice Mill

Paddy or rice grains contain husk and brown rice. Brown rice, in turn, bran which consists of the outer layer and edible portion. Rice milling is stripping and removing the husk to obtain the edible portion for consumption. The process has to be completed carefully to improve the recovery of paddy or rice. The amount of recovery during milling depends on many factors such as variety of paddy, degree of milling required, quality of equipment used, operators etc. Milling is a process in which rice grains are transformed into a form suitable for human consumption and, therefore, must be done with extreme caution to prevent kernel breakage and improve recovery. The rice is further expanded to make a more visually white rice. After harvesting and drying, the paddy is subjected to the primary drilling operation which involves DE. - Removal of bran layers (polishing) before use. The rice obtained after milling in this process is called raw rice. The other process through which rice is obtai…