Power Tiller

Power Tiller

About Power Tiller(Two-wheel tractor or walking tractor)(1)

Power tiller is a motor plough(हल) used in agriculture. power tiller used for prepare soil to making agricultural. In addition to tilling the soil, power tillers can be used for ploughing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, adding fertilizers, spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and water, pumping water, harvesting crops, threshing crops, and transporting crops. All these additional tasks are performed by attaching agricultural devices such as ploughs, seeders, planters, pumps, sprays, harvesters, threshers, and carriers to the power tiller.
It is a farm machine which is mainly used to cultivate the land.It works effectively as it can reverse & cut soil simultaneously. In terms of maintenance, it is cheaper & economical to use & also requires less space.

Type of Power Tiller 

Power tillers are available in three different sizes –
  • Mini-sized Power Tiller
    These lightweight implements are good for vegetable and fruit farms, where the cultivation areas are small, the soil is relatively loose and does not require powerful tilling, and the crops are planted in narrow rows that need to be manoeuvred through without destroying them.
  • Medium-sized Power Tiller
    These power tillers are suitable for farms where the soil is harder and rockier. These tillers are propelled forward by the spinning tines.
  • Large-sized Power Tiller
    These power tillers are suitable for more extensive farm lands where there is sufficient space to manoeuvre the tiller as required. These tillers are propelled forward by the wheels and the spinning tines are positioned between the wheels.
To select the right power tiller, farmers should consider the size of their land, the type of soil, the amount of tilling necessary, the storage space they have for the power tiller, and their budget for the power tiller.


The utility of power tiller has become necessary for every area of  agriculture whether it is sowing or plantation. Power tiller has become a vital requirement of every field of agriculture. The power tiller is very easy to use, it just needs to be balanced, it drives itself automatically. Power tiller has made agriculture accessible to farmers by reducing the need of a tractor and rotavator. Harvesting of every kind of crop is possible with power tillers such as:
1. Sugarcane farming
2. Wheat farming
3. Rice cultivation
4. Paddy cultivation
Power tiller is being used at present for all this, for transplanting, weeding, irrigation.


A big concession in power subsidy is now been given in India. If you buy a machine under Scheduled Caste / Scheduled tribe category, you will get 50 percent subsidy. 40 percent subsidy is given to the General category people throughout India.
If a farmer does not take expensive machines, then cheap machines and subsidies are available to them, such as - 36,000 machines also have 40 to 50 percent subsidy in India. COD i.e. cash on delivery is available on 10% advance payment. (This is only available on the Lion Power Company product).

Brand of Power Tiller  

some few brand are blow
  • Kirloskar 
  • Honda
  • Mahindra
  • Kubota 
  • VST
  • Kisankraft 
  •  Greaves 

 Kirloskar Power Tiller(1)

1. KMW By Kirloskar Mega T 15 DLX - POWER TILLER for Agriculture Use - Works Like Tractor (1800021, Green) 

price -  2,55,000.0 INR

  • Advanced brakes and a tractor-like seat ensure maximum safety and comfort to users
  • Several firsts in the category such as a key start ignition, mobile charger, hour meter, alternator and a safety start switch
  • A powerful 15 HP engine that can handle almost every kind of farm work with ease
  • Mega T 15 maximum efficiency for minimum fuel consumption

 2. KMW By Kirloskar Min T -8 HP POWER WEEDER - Agriculture Equipment

Price - 125,000 INR

  • Advanced brakes and a tractor-like seat ensure maximum safety and comfort to users
  • Useful for all intercultivation practices
  • Colour: Green


Mahindra Power Tiller

Mahindra Power Tiller

Mahendra Mini cultivator/Mini Tiller

Type of Engine : OHV 2-stroke
Max Power (HP) : 4.5HP/3600rpm
Displacement : 49cc
Starting System : Recoil start
Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.0L


  Kubota Power Tiller  

Kubota Power Tiller 

1. PEM140DI Kubota Power Tiller 


ENGINE Power tiller model PEM140DI
Model name RT140DI-EM
Type 4-Cycles, horizontal piston, water cooled, direct-injection diesel engine
Bore x Stroke 97 x 96 mm
Cylinder displacement volume (cm³) 709
Rated maximum output (PS/rpm [kW/rpm]) 13 / 2400 [9.56 / 2400]
Rated Continuous output (PS/rpm [kW/rpm]) 13 / 2400 [9.56 / 2400]
Specific Fuel Consumption (Average value at continuous output) (g/PS-h [g/kW-h]) 185 [252]
Maximum Torque (kg-m/rpm [N-m/rpm]) 4.4 / 1600 [43.1 / 1600]
Fuel tank capacity (L) 11
Engine oil grade/volume SAE30 or SAE10W-30, SAE40 or SAE15W-40 / API CF oF above/ 2.8 Liters
Starting system Hand cranking with handle (double speed ratio)
Cooling system Pressurized radiator, crankshaft driven cooling fan
Safety cover Flywheel cover and muffler heat shield
Engine pulley outside diameter (mm) 120
Weight (dry) (Kg) 100
Power transmission system Engine to main clutch 3 V-belts (Belt section: B, Length: 78 in) Gear
Main clutch to wheel axle Gear (dependence with traveling sub-speed shift)
Main clutch to PTO
Traveling speed step Main speeds shift forward 6 forwards (3 high and 3 low)
Sub-speeds shift reverse 2 reverse (1 high and 1 low)
Transmission oil grade / volume SEA90 / API GL-4 / 7.5 - 8 Litres
Main clutch Dry multi-plate type
Steering clutch Bolt-on Internal gear insert type (14 teeth)
Brake Internal expansion shoe and drum type
Tires 7.0-16 (Rolling Diameter 71 cm)
Wheel track width (mm) 800-950
Belt cover Full cover type
Weight 116
ROTARY Number of rotary speed 2
Number of tilling width 80 cm (800mm)
Number of tilling blade 20
WEIGHT Standard implements & accessories* Provided Rotary tiller [RP80M-IN], Rubber tire, paddy wheel
Total weight Rubber tires (Kg) 346
Paddy wheel (Kg) 329


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Kisankraft Power Tiller

Kisankraft Power Tiller

1. Mini Power Tiller-KK-IC-250D

Rated Power: 3.6 kW(4.8 hp)
Displacement: 247 cc
Speed: 3600 RPM
Number of Gears: 2 Fwd, 1 Rev
Cultivation Width: 100 cm
Cultivation Depth: 10 cm
Engine/Fuel: 4-Stroke/Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.5 L
Fuel Consumption: 650 ml/hr

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Email – info@kisankraft.com

 Greaves Power Tiller 

Greaves Power Tiller

1. GS 8 DIL Power Tiller 

7.2 HP @ 3600 RPM
Engine Type
Vertical, Air Cooled, Diesel engine
Fuel Tank Capacity
5 Litres
Starting system
Rope start
Rotary Width
600 mm
No of Tynes
4.00 x 10.00 (4 PR)
Bore x Stroke
86 mm x 63 mm
Internal Expanding wet type
Dog Clutch, Multiple Dry plate
395 cc


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