Rice Plant

Rice Plant

The plant has many different variations, but is generally a small living plant, which has an average life span of 3-7 months depending on climate and diversity. It is not a watering plant, but requires a sufficient amount of water for planting. Cultured species of rice are considered semi-aquatic annuals. The height of the plant can range from 0.4 m to 5 m in some floating quantities.

When rice is harvested it is called 'paddy'. A paddy is a whole rice seed and a rice kernel contains a rice kernel. Each paddy has several layers, the outermost layer is husk. The husk has 2 interlocked half shells. Saves half of each paddy. The husk is made of silica and cellulose.
Rice crop

Type of Rice Grain

  1. Short Grain (sticky)
  2. Long Grain (nonsticky)
Rice occurs in a variety of colors, including white, brown, black, purple, and red. Black rice (also known as purple rice) is a variety of rice, some of which are glutinous rice. Varieties include Indonesian black rice and Thai jasmine black rice.

Most Popular Variety 

1. Jasmine Rice From Thailand 
2. Koshihikari Rice From Japan  
3. Broken Rice (Com Tam) From Vietnam
4. Basmati Rice From India 
5. Black Rice From Across Asia 

Farming of Rice Plant 

Rice plant need more water as compare to other crop.
Rice Plant Stage 1

Rice Plant Stage 2

Rice Plant Stage 3

Rice Plant Stage 4

 Rice Plant Stage 5

Rice Plant 
And now plant the rice in field and before planting field make water filled and soil is to be very fine.
you can use the rice trans planter
Rice Trans planter

   Part of Rice Plant 

Part of rice plant
Cultivated rice is generally considered a semiannual annual grass, although in the tropics it can survive as a perennial, producing new tillers from the nodes after harvest (ratooning).

At the time of maturation, the rice plant has one main stem and several tillers. Each productive tiller has a terminal with a flower or head or flower. The height of the plant varies by different and environmental conditions, ranging from about 0.4 m (m) to over 5 m in some floating rice. The morphology of rice is divided into vegetative phase (including germination, sprouting, and tillering stages) and reproductive phase (including panic initiation and vertebrate stages).



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