Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater
Solar water heater is a simple mechanism which use to heat up for water till aprox 40 c.  solar water heater use for domestic of commercial both. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable energy. and government also promote.
In our latitudes, the sun shining on 1m² of roof replaces 100L of heating oil or 100 m³ of natural gas (approximately 1 000 kWh) a year.
In a one hour earth receive more energy from sun than world use in one year.

Solar Water Heater Working 

Solar Water Heater Working Principle

A sun-facing collector heats a working liquid that passes into the storage system for later use. SWHs are active (pump) and passive (convection-driven). They use only water, or both water and a working fluid. They are heated directly or through light-focused mirrors. They operate independently or as hybrids with electric or gas heaters. In large-scale installations, mirrors can focus sunlight into a small collector.

 Solar Water Heater working in Night

Yes they do. They store water in insulated tanks. The heater collects solar radiation, and the insulation keeps the water warm all night (I learned from personal experience using one of these heaters).

 How much profitable Solar Water Heater than Electric Water Heater.
comparison between electric and Solar Water Heater

For Example 
lets we have two water heater one Solar Water Heater and other Electric water heater -

Electric water heater 

capacity - 15 litre
power - 2000 wat
one cycle time 15 min
for heating 100 Litre 
Time 100 mint per day 
Cost Per Hour: 14.0000

Cost Per Day: 23.00

Cost Per Month:711

Cost Per Year: 8534
kWh Per Day:  3.34
Five year total cost
5279 + 8534*5=47949  INR

 Solar Water Heater

capacity - 100 LPD 
Product price - 16200 INR 
Warranty - 5 year
Five year Total cost
 16200 INR 

 Solar Water Heater Cost 

Cost factors (positive and negative) include:

     Solar water heater price (more complex systems are more expensive)
     installation cost
     Power used for pumping
     Cost of water heating fuel (eg gas or electricity) saved per kWh
     Amount of water heat fuel used
     Initial and / or Recurring Government Subsidies
     Maintenance costs (eg antifreeze or pump replacement)
     Savings in maintenance of conventional (electric / gas / oil) water heating system 
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Solar Water Heater Main Part 
Solar Water Heater parts


Solar thermal collectors capture and retain heat from the Sun and use it to heat the liquid. Two important physical principles govern the technique of solar thermal collectors:

    Any hot object eventually returns to thermal equilibrium with its environment due to heat loss from conduction, convection, and radiation. Efficiency (the ratio of retained heat energy to a predefined time period) is directly related to heat loss from the collector surface. Convection and radiation are the most important sources of heat loss. Thermal insulation is used to slow heat loss from a hot object. It follows the second law of thermodynamics ('equilibrium effect').
    If the temperature difference between a hot object and its atmosphere is large, then heat dissipates more rapidly. The heat loss is mainly controlled by the thermal gradient between the collector surface and the ambient temperature. Conduction, convection, and radiation all occur more rapidly at larger thermal gradients (delta-T effect).

Flat plate

The type of glass used in flat plate collectors is almost always low iron, tempered glass. Such glass can withstand significant hail without breaking, which is one reason why flat-plate collectors are considered the most durable collector type.

Evacuated tube

Evacuated tube collectors (ETCs) are a way to reduce heat loss, contained in flat plates. Since heat loss due to convection cannot cross a vacuum, it creates an efficient isolation mechanism to keep heat inside the collector pipe. Since two flat glass sheets are usually not strong enough to withstand a vacuum, the vacuum is formed between the two concentric tubes. Typically, water piping in an ETC is therefore surrounded by two concentric tubes of glass separated by a vacuum that conveys heat from the sun (to heat the pipe), but this limits heat loss. The inner tube is coated with a thermal absorber. Vacuum life varies from 5 years to 15 years from collector to collector.


  1. PV-powered pump  
  2. Bubble pump 
A bubble pump (also known as geyser pump) is suitable for flat panel as well as vacuum tube systems. In bubble pump systems, the closed HTF circuit is under low pressure, causing the liquid to boil at low temperatures as the sun heats it.


A differential controller senses the temperature difference between the solar collector near the heat collector and the release of water into the storage tank. 

Insulated tank

To use for insulating the heat from atmosphere low temperature.
Solar Water Heater Diagram

  Solar Water Heater Working principle 

Solar Water Heater working
As in pic the sun produce sun ray which strike on  Evacuated tube and the tube is store the heat and heat up the water and water heat a fix temp range then water move in hot water system and other side cold water enters in evacuated tube and hence cycle is complete. solar controller control the system at a fix temp range
Solar Water Heater diagram 2
solar collector as by name the collect the heat from sun ray.



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