X-Ray Machine

An X-ray Machine is a device that produces X-rays. Together with the X-ray detector, it is commonly used in a variety of applications including measurement of material thickness in medicine, X-ray fluorescence, electronic assembly inspection, and manufacturing operations. In medical applications, X-ray Machine are used by radiographers to obtain X-ray images of the internal structures (eg, bones) of living organisms and are also used in sterilization. in India digital x ray machine price in mumbai
and digital x ray machine price in kolkata.

X-Ray Machine Working
X-ray system

The heart of the X-ray machine is an electrode pair - a cathode and anode - that sits inside a glass vacuum tube. The cathode is a hot filament, like you can find in an old fluorescent lamp. The machine passes through the filament, heating it. The heat separates electrons from the filament surface. The positively charged anode is a flat disk made of tungsten, which draws electrons into the tube.
The voltage difference between the cathode and the anode is very high, so the electrons fly through the tube with a lot of force. When a fast electron hits a tungsten atom, it loosens an electron in one of the lower orbit of the atom. An electron in a higher orbital immediately drops to a lower energy level, releasing its excess energy as a photon. This is a major degradation, so the photon has a high energy level - it is an X-ray photon.
Free electrons can also generate photons without killing an atom. The nucleus of an atom can attract a fast electron simply to change its course. Like a comet revolving around the Sun, the electron slows down and changes direction as it speeds up the atom. This "breaking" action causes the electron to emit extra energy in the form of X-ray photons. there are many diagnostic equipment companies who manufacture X-ray machine. like as  RMS, Siemens and Allengers. and currently many type of simple x ray machine app.

Invention of X-ray Machine

An early experimental electrical discharge tube was invented around 1869–1875 by the English physicist William Crook. In 1895, x ray machine inventor - Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays emanating from Crocus tubes, and many uses for X-rays were immediately apparent. One of the first X-ray photographs was made by Röntgen's wife. The image showcased both her wedding ring and bones. An X-ray machine was formally displayed on 18 January 1896 by Henry Louis Smith. A fully functioning unit was presented to the public at the 1904 World's Fair by Clarence Daly. 

Brand of X-ray Machine 

  • RMS c arm(1)
  • Siemens x ray machine
  • Allengers x ray machine (1)

RMS  X-Ray Machine

MDX-100(100MA X-Ray Machine)
MDX-100 DX(100X-Ray Machine)
MDX-100/FS (100MA X-Ray Machine)
MDX-100 R (100MA X-Ray Machine)
MDX-300 (300MA X-Ray Machine)
MDX-500 (500MA X-Ray Machine)

Application of X-ray Machine

There are many application of x-ray like as medical industry, on airport to scan the luggage and dental use such as some machine as x ray machine dental , x ray machine airport.

Types of x ray machine

  • Portable x ray machine 
  • Non portable x ray machine 
  • Digital x ray machine 
  • Analog x ray machine

X-ray machine parts
part of x-ray machine

In this section basic construction of X-ray equipment and some different types of X-ray systems will be introduced. Most standard X-ray systems have three main components that are an X-ray tube, a high voltage power supply, and a control unit. Working together, these components are common to all standard systems. x ray equipment list as blow -
x-ray tube

X-ray machine circuit diagram
diagram 1

diagram 2

Digital x ray test price 

The average cost for a finger X-ray is $ 100, for a hand $ 180, for a wrist $ 190, for a knee $ 200, for a thigh $ 280, for a pelvis $ 350, for a chest $ 370, and for a full body $ 1,100.
in india x-ray test price is very low 350 INR to 1000INR 

 X-Ray Machine Price

Analog Portable X-ray Units

Low                                            High                                                            Average Price
$36,040                                   $79,710                                                     $49,061
System Service Support Prices
Low                                            High                                                            Average Price
$2,546                                      $10,456                                                     $4,656.57
Digital Portable X-ray Units with Flat Panel Detectors
Low                                            High                                                            Average Price
$125,000                                $235,379                                                  $166,415.38
System Service Support Prices
Low                                            High                                                            Average Price
$11,691                                   $29,437                                                     $21,821.13


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