Satellite Finder

Satellite Finder
Satellite Finder is employed to detect the Satellite Signal coming from satellite. Satellite Finder also detects the Strength on the Signal and provides the reading in meter accordingly.Satellite Finder also gives the Beep signal on proper strength of signal.
Satellite Finder
 satellite finder meter may be a specialized device designed to assist you position your satellite dish to receive the strongest signal for best television reception. they're simple to work and are designed to be used while you're at the satellite dish so you do not need to check your signal strength at your television receiver . There are both analog and digital models available, both with and without internal power supplies.

Working step of  Satellite Finder 

Step 1:   Connect one end of the coax to the barrel connector on the satellite dish's low noise block downconverter (LNB) and thus the opposite end to the satellite finder meter. The LNB is that the arm that faces the reflector dish.
Step 2:   Loosen the nuts that allow the dish to be adjusted both along the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (elevation) planes.
Step 3:   Move the dish from side to side along the horizontal plane until you identify the position at which the satellite finder meter displays maximum signal strength.
If you're using an analog meter, you will find this position in increments. First, adjust the gain knob therefore the meter's needle reads half strength. As you progress the dish closer to its optimal position, the meter may exceed maximum. If this happens, readjust the gain lower and still move the dish until you identify the position where maximum signal strength is received.
Step 4:  Raise and lower the dish along the vertical plane until you identify the elevation at which the satellite finder meter displays maximum signal strength. If using an analog meter, you'll got to regulate the gain as within the previous step.
Step 5:  Tighten the nuts to lock your satellite dish into place.
Step 6:  Disconnect the coax from the LNB on the satellite dish.


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