Wood Planer

A wood planer use for surface planing of  wood plank or any wood product
If you are one of those people who are thinking of getting into woodworking, but have no idea where to start, then you should really get an understanding of the types of woodworking tools. The most important and necessary tool in woodworking is the wood planer. But what exactly is a wood planner?
A wood planer is a device that reduces the thickness level of all types of wood surfaces, whether it is large cuts of wood (slabs) or a simple board for a wood deck. A wood planner will make the perfect preparation for the work. Depending on the project it is being used for, it can be leveled and using smooth wood.

Type of  Wood Planer

  1. Manual Wood Planer
  2. Electric Wood Planer
  3. Heavy Duty Wood Planer

 Manual Wood Planer
Manual Wood Planer

Manual Wood Planer  is common tool that use  mostly carpenter shop to remove thickness of wood plank while  making furniture.
there are some different type of  blade that use in as per their application

Electric Wood Planer
Electric Wood Planer

 Electric Wood Planer is simple mechanism tool. The tool have blade witch is driven by motor

Heavy Duty Wood Planer

Heavy Duty Wood Planer
 this type of wood planer used for special or bulk production.

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