3m Safety 8210, N95 Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask

3m n95 mask
3M ™ 8210 Particulate Respirators provide effective respiratory protection for use in places where people will be exposed to dust particles and / or non-volatile liquid particles. Tested and certified NIOSH N95 range with convex shape, nose clip and twin strap design.
N95 respirators are designed to reduce and prevent the user's risk of airborne contaminants only.

Unlike the surgical mask one size fits all, the N95 respirators come in different sizes and should be chosen based on how it fits the user's face to create a tight seal.

However, it is pricier than surgical masks, and is not available in many types of sizes. It is also not recommended for use by children or adolescents of small size.

But it is designed to filter contaminants smaller than the average surgical mask.

Many N95 respirators also have a filter in front of the mask, allowing air to be filtered properly instead of allowing the user to breathe in unfiltered air.
The N95 mask or N95 respirator is a particle-filtering face respirator from the American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) N95 classification of air filtration, which means that it filters at least 95% of the air particles. is. This standard does not require that the respirator be resistant to oil; Another standard, the P95, adds to that requirement. The N95 type is the most common particulate-filtering facepiece respirator. This is an example of a mechanical filter respirator, which provides protection against particulate, but not against gases or vapors.

N95 respirators are used as non-U.S. Some MPs regulated under courts are considered functionally equivalent, such as the European Union's FFP2 respirators and China's KN95 respirators. However, slightly different criteria are used to validate their performance, such as filter efficiency, test agent and flow rate and permissible pressure drop.

The N95 mask requires a finer mesh of synthetic polymer fibers, specifically a nonwoven polypropylene fabric. It is produced by melting blows and creates an internal filtration layer which filters out dangerous particles.

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