Carbomer 940

Carbomer 940 is a polyvinyl carboxy polymer used as a viscosity enhancer, gelling agent, or suspension agent. The carbomer 940 is associated with the wings of pentatheritrol, and is primarily used in systems where sparkling clarity or a fast viscosity response is required.
PH: 2.7 - 3.3 (0.5% neutral solution)
Color: White
Clarity: >= 80.0% (neutral solution)

The CIR Expert Panel evaluated scientific data and concluded that carbomer polymers were safe as ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. ... Clinical studies with carbomers have shown that these polymers have up to 100% reduced potential for skin irritation and sensitization.
The carbomer solution will be acidic until neutralized, and the tetra solution will be basic until combined with the carburem solution.

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