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People are often more familiar with automatic and capsule coffee machine brand names than coffee vending machines, as there are almost exclusively private label machines in the vending world (private label machines are machines that have been rebranded for personal vending and Their name has been changed). There are about 5 large global manufacturers of coffee vending machines and each manufacturer customizes their machines and names their machines according to the requirements of their customers. For example our bean vending machine is called "aqua bean vending machine" and is made by a company called Ria Vendor in Italy. Our aqua vending machines are actually exact machines similar to the XX-OC vending machines sold by Eden Springs in the Netherlands, the only exception being the difference in name and different branding. Similarly,'s Bean Vending Machine is the Bravilor Espressus Coffee Vending Machine, not PRO and none. Due to all of this rebranding and name change, most customers are left to realize that there are 100 or 1000 coffee vending machine brands on the market, from which to choose there are actually very few options.

Top Brand of Coffee Vending Machine

  1. Godrej
  2. Expobar
  3. La cimbali
  4. Espresso
  5. Lavazza
  6. Astoria
  7. Georgia
  8. Atlantis
  9. Azkoyen
  10. Necta 
  11. Bravilor 

1. Bravilor Sprso Espresso Machine

Sprso Espresso Machine If you are looking for the simplicity of a consumer machine and the performance of a professional coffee maker, then Sprso is what you will need. This eye-catching bean-to-cup machine serves the perfect single cup of espresso and black coffee. A milk cooler option gives you the added convenience of making delicious cappuccino and lattes. Take advantage of the benefits. Featuring coffee with freshly ground beans.
• Drink two drinks together.
• Manufactured from strong high quality materials such as stainless steel and BPA free plastic. 
• Large transparent bean makes it easy to refill the canister. 
• Full color user friendly interface with capacitive touchscreen. 
• Offers many coffee specialties; And even more with the optional milk cooler. 
• Hot water from a separate outlet.
• Program settings can be adjusted as you wish, such as water temperature, coffee strength, volume, coarse or fine grind. 
• Demo mode shows all the features of the spro. More possibilities (touch menu and start simultaneously for 15 seconds)

2. Godrej Ecostar Coffee Machine

     Power Supply: 230V / 50Hz / 8A
      Beverages: 2 beverages
      Interface: Keypad, Direct Select
      Product color may vary slightly due to photographic light sources or your monitor settings 

3. Expobar EX3 2GR 1B  Coffee Vending Machine 

Customized and stylish design line

• Wide range of external and technical customization options
• Carcass High Test Hydraulics, including:
• 1/2 rotatory nose
• Cool Touch Wands
• Better drainage solutions
• Seamless service

4. La Cimbali S30 Vending Machine 

The S30 has three variants, the CS 10 MilkPS, the CP 10 MilkPS, and the S10 Turbastem Milk 4 Cold Touch. All three are super automatic machines designed for around 300 cups / day. They have 24 drink selections, two grinders, automatic adjustment and dosing of grind size, automatic milk circuit washing system, touch screen displays with WiFi connectivity and are equipped with smart boiler technology that maintains thermal stability. The CS 10 Milk PS can automatically steam the milk, but it also has a manual steam wand and a unique "snow milk" system that pours the milk into it after heating. It also has a soluble cocoa powder hopper for flexibility and ease of use in making drinks such as sprains or hot chocolate. CP 10 Milk is similar to PS CS10 MilkPS but does not contain a soluble beverage hopper. The S10 variant does not have a MilkPS system and is replaced by a TurboSteam stick. It also does not have a snow milk system. The CS10 and CP10 require a milk cooler, while the S10 does not.

5. Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Product Range Latte, Tea, Soup, Cappuccino, Espresso
Brand Nescafe
Operation mode automatic
Number of employees 50-100, <50
Condition: New
We have achieved a distinct and dynamic position in the industry by providing a wide assortment of 3 option Nescafe vending machines. The range offered is available to choose from in many sizes and other associated specifications. The products provided are manufactured and designed in a highly advanced manufacturing unit following international guidelines and norms. Known for their easy installation and flawless finish, these are widely sought after in the industry. 

6. Lavazza Classy Mini  Coffee Vending Machine 

Lavazza Blue capsule machine works with start-up time: 28 seconds. Water tank capacity: 0.7 l used capsule drawer stand full warning 30 'since capsule drawer warning
Used construction equipment: Capsules, Container Container capacity: Maximum 5 adjustable cup rack height, empty water tank warning machine body material: ABS

7. Astoria Coffee Machine

Product Details:
Brand Astoria
Serving capacity of 100-200 cups per day
Type espresso and cappuccino
Available depth 535 / 21.1 mm / inch
Available height 515 / 20.2 mm / inch
Available Width 505 / 19.9 mm / inch
Net Weight 44 / 97.00 kg / lb
Gross weight 55 / 121.25 kg / lb
Heating unit capacity 6 / 1.3 liters / UK gal
Power 2200/2900/3200 W
Voltage 120 / 230-400 / 240 V 

8. Georgia Premix Coffee Machine

Brand georgia
Capacity (cups per day) 50-100, 100-200
Operation Mode Semi-Automatic
Type espresso and cappuccino
Service Capacity (cups per day) 250 

9. Azkoyen Zen Coffee Vending Machine 

Despite being the smallest Zen, the Azkoyen is one of the most specialized machines in the range. The following is a brief list of the exceptional features of Zen coffee machines.
      Bean, Instant or Freshbrew
      6 canister
      VPTT Performance Grinder (espresso version only)
      Access from front and top
      Crystal touch interface
      Vending stand or table top
      12 pre-program drinking options

10. Necta Koro Max Prime Coffee Vending Machine

Version espresso
User Interface Direct Selection
Number selection 8
Number canister 2
Coffee Brewer Espresso Z3000
Height 620 mm
Width 330 mm
Depth 530 mm
Depth 724 mm wide open
Weight 28 kg
Voltage 220/240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Fresh milk no
Display graphic display
Steam wand no
Lateral hot water no.
Automatic Capuchinator no.
Capacity of beans is 750 gr.
Soluble canister 1.5 kg chocolate
Up to 80 espresso production per hour
Height distribution area 140 mm
Absorbed power 2030 W 




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