Corn Harvester

A corn harvester is a machine used for harvesting corn in the field, shooting stalks from the header to the ground, about one foot from the ground. The corn is stripped of its stalk and then carried through the header into the intake conveyor belt. From there it goes through the fan system to the conveying system, separating the remaining stalks from the ears. The stalk blows the fan duct into the area while the ear falls on another conveyor belt. The ears ride the belt and fall into a large moving bucket.
This method is done with both fresh corn and seed corn.
The Corn harvester - also known as a silage harvester, forager, or chopper - implements a farm that is used to produce silage to crop plants. Silage is grass, corn or hay, cut into small pieces, and stored together in storage silos, silage bunkers, or silage bags

1. PREET 849 - Maize Special Harvester

Facelifted PREET 849 - Mini Mecca Special Combination Harvester is the de facto king of compact corn harvester. This represents the best performance, productivity and serviceability currently available. The PREET 987 is India's most popular and ideal combine harvester with new features and color. This multicrop combine harvester is designed for maize harvesting. It can also harvest traditional cereal crops like wheat, paddy, soybean, sunflower and mustard etc. Some features are explained as follows:

     Long Life Cutter Gear.
     power steering.
     Wide straw walker.
     Extra Capacity Diesel Tank.
     Crystal headlights.
     No grain breaks.
     Small Turning Radius.
     easy to handle.
     Suitable for maize harvesting.
     Good mobility in weight and soft fields.
     Adaptation to the well slightly wet, recorded, or barely harvested.
     New attractive graphics.
     Large sieve area for optimal grain cleaning.

2.Kisankraft KK-MCH-02 Corn Harvester

To be fitted on your tractor
Rated Power: 37 kW (50 hp)
Displacement: User Choice
RPM: 540 PTO
Engine Type / Fuel: 4-Stroke / Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity: Depends on
the Tractor Used
Fuel Consumption: Depends on
the Tractor Used 

3. JOHN DEERE 712FC Folding Corn Head improves Harvester

Approximate overall width hardened: 9.27 m
30.4 feet
Folded: 5.3m
17.4 feet
Row spacing 76.2 cm
At 30.
Deck plate adjustment hydraulic adjustment
Assemble chain adjustment spring loaded, self adjusting
Assembling chain heavy-duty, 620, chrome pin with endless steel roller chain (no master link linker)
Main specs
Gaither assembles a four-position, low-profile floating type that is above the assembled chains
Center and outer assemblers, quickly removable
Assembling chain heavy-duty, 620, chrome pin with endless steel roller chain (no master link linker)
32 mm minimum clearance between the collecting chain and ground
In 1.25.
Row unit drive driven by single input hexagon shaft attached, submerged-in-lubricated gearbox
Assemble chain adjustment spring loaded, self adjusting
Stalk rolled, resisting, intermittent and truncated (two per line-unit)
Deck plate adjustment hydraulic adjustment
Slip clutch per line-unit plus auger drive
Garbage fully knife, one piece, heat-treated steel
Chop Options Rotary 

4. Dasmesh 9100 Maize Harvester

Dashmesh is major in many products ieself-harvester combination, track harvester combination, tractor driven harvester combine, rotavator, roto seed drill, corn self and harvester combination.

     Dashmesh 9100 Maize is a harvester of maize and is also an expert in maize harvesting.
     The Dashmesh 9100 has a maize cutting width of 10.25 feet and a width of 13 feet for paddy and wheat.
     It has a 2200 water-cooled engine rated RPM and has 6 cylinders that produce 110 hp.
     Dadamesh 9100 has a fuel tank capacity of 320 liters.
Dashmesh Harvester 9100 Price is the price that fits perfectly in the farmers' budget.

 5. AG05-ETGL Mini Hand Operated Combine Harvester


Warranty 3 years
Cutter bar width 4 feet
Rotor speed 2000-2500 rpm
Model AG05-ETGL
Size 3 feet x 6 fat.
Power 10-30 hp 

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