Potato Harvester

Potato harvesters are machines that harvest potatoes. They work by lifting the potato from the bed using a portion. The soil and crop are transferred over a series of webs where loose soil is taken out. Potatoes are taken to a separate unit behind the harvester and then (on manned machines) to a picking table, where people hand out stones, bowls and plows (stalks or stalks). The potatoes then move into a side elevator and a trailer or a potato compartment.

Brand of  Potato Harvester

2. Landforce 
4. Kirloskar

1. TAFE Potato Harvester

Number of Rows Single Row
Applicable Tractor Power, HP 35-50
Productivity (Acres / day) 2.5
Operating Speed, (kmph @ 1500 ERPM) 2 - 3
Potato Coverage (> 30mm size) 90%
Potato Damage 3%
Drop Height (mm) <300
Manual Labor Requirement (Excluding Tractor Driver <= 4
Flexibility to Accommodate Ridges (Center to Cent 24, 26, 28, 30 Inches
Turning Circle Diameter Along with Tractor (m) <9
Collection Tank Capacity (kg) 150
Dimensions (m) 3.5 (l) x 2.5 (w) X 1.8 (h)
Potato Cleaning Capability 70-80% by Weight
Number of Cleaning Stages 3
Weight of Harvester (kg) 900
Hydraulic System 90 Liters Tank & 50 lpm Flow 

impotent point 

Mud dispersal for easy digging
Automatic Potato Harvester - First of its kind in India
Single-row potato harvester via tractor driven, low link
Potatoes cleaned for storage can be collected directly into sacks or trays.
Minimum manpower requirement
Suitable to accommodate 24, 26, 28, 30 inches
Ergonomic hydraulic drive control
Through hydraulically controlled motion of the conveyor, soft andmedium is suitable for soil types
Special conveyor system reduces load, protects potatoes from damage and increases efficiency

2. AgriEXPO Potato Harvester

Watermelon Baller Pacito Tractor Green
Potato scope rear discharge applies to any type of tractors.
Potato Pachar PacitoPotato scope rear discharge applied to any type of tractor equipped with 3-point hitch and power take-off (PTO).The machine is made by a staggered plosher, which lays the potatoes and soil in a sieve grid that separates the potatoes from the soil.
The digging depth is adjusted through the third point of connection of the tractor.
Due to its small size, there is a hill that is suitable for digging potatoes on small lands.

3. Landforce Potato Digger

Landforce Potato Diggers are machines that make Digger Potatoes. They work by lifting the potato from the bed using a portion. The soil and crop are transferred over a series of webs where loose soil is taken out. Aloo is taken towards Diggeron's back on a picking table towards a separate unit (then on human machines), where a person rejects a stone, ax, hulm ad by hand. Potatoes then move to a side elevator and a trailer or a potato compartment.


     Adjustable digging depth
     Stability while working
     low maintenance
     Easy to drive 

4. GRIMME Potato Digger

With a 2-row, off-set Treeled SE 260 with a 6-T bunker, Grimme complements its very successful SE 150-60 series and also with the entry dimension of 2-row bunkers at an attractive price Is capable of

The excavation technology is based on a combination of effective yet slowly harvesting elements of 2-row SE 150-60 and optimized crop flow of 1-row SE 75-55. The machines compact design makes them highly manoeuvrable which offers many advantages, especially at the end of the line. Weight of 9.2 tonnes and wide tires up to 800/45 - 30.5 ensure low ground compaction. The SE 260 is suited for tractors from 110 hp.

5. Kirloskar Potato Digger

Kirloskar Mechanization Works (KMW) is one of the top manufacturers of state-of-the-art and versatile potato excavators and harvesters. Agricultural machinery is used to harvest potatoes in an efficient and simple way. Tractor-drawn potato harvesters can easily dig potatoes of any size from the ground.

     Efficient and smooth potato digging, especially under moisture conditions
     High efficiency helps reduce wastage
     Compact design that helps to perform on any land size.
     The rugged body and unique design make the potato harvester highly durable.
     Requires less maintenance
     Reduces the effort and time required to harvest potatoes

Highly functional potato digging and harvesting by KMW ensures the best value for money.

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