Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

A quantum magnetic resonance analyzer is a machine that works with the principles of quantum mechanics, electrical engineering, and bio-information. It is designed to detect the magnetic field of human cells and consequently through a careful analysis process to estimate a person's health status.

The method of quantum magnetic resonance analysis is rapidly emerging as an accurate and non-invasive spectral test method and is particularly suitable for investigating therapeutic effects and sub-health conditions of drugs or health products. The following will be shown in your report:

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular; Gastrointestinal function; liver function; Gallbladder function; Pancreatic function; kidney function; lung function; Cerebral nerve; Bone Disease; bone mineral density; Rheumatoid bone disease; Blood sugar; Basic physical quality; Human toxins; trace elements; Prostate; Male sexual function; Urology; Skin; Endocrine system; Immune system; breast; vitamin deficiency; amino acids; Bone growth index; Eye; Heavy metal poisoning; Allergies; Coenzymes; Element of human coherence; Pulse of heart and brain; Channel and collater; Sperm and semen; Gynaecology

Use for

1.cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 2.gastrointestinal function
3.liver function 4.gallbladder function
5.pancreatic function
6.kidney function
7.lung function
8.brain nerve
9.bone disease
10.bone mineral density
11.rheumatoid bone disease
12.blood sugar
13.basic physical quality
14.human toxin
15.trace slement
16.endocrine systerm
17.immune systerm
20 breast
21.element of human
22.amino acid
23.heavy metals
24.male sexual function
30.bone growth index
32.Channels and collaterals
33.Pulse of heart and brain
34.Blood lipids
35.Sperm and semen

Direction: Patient

     Should be tested 1 hour before or after meals
     Rest at least 1/2 hour after exercise
     Remove all metallic objects, hand phones, pocket PCs, etc.
     Remove shoes and socks; Reveal all 24 test points around wrists and ankles
     Keep calm, relax, don't talk. If possible, lie down or sit with your legs elevated, both feet away from the ground.
     Women should not take a test during their menstruation.
     Patients who have pacemakers are prevented from performing this test because the frequency emanating from the quantum may interfere with the pacemaker or any other electronic device in the body.

Not  For

Children under 12 years old
      handicapped people
      Have pacemakers or any other electronic device in the body
      Under Long Term Medication
      Women menstruation

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