Sugarcane Harvester

1.Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester

Advanced tracking system

The GPS enhancement features SMS and web supervisor features that provide information on the location and performance data of the harvester.

Auto cleaning system

This technique helps clean the radiator at regular intervals to remove dust that can choke the radiator fins. Maintains engine temperature within range.

control Panel

The cabin has an electronic controller that displays key performance parameters such as:
    Engine temperature
    Hydraulic oil level and temperature
    Fuel level
    Battery voltage etc.

hydraulic system

Robust hydraulic system operated by strong hydraulic motors and pumps, which ensures flawless work of the harvester.

(Main) base cutter

Heavy duty adjustable cutters efficiently cut the cane, with both blade holders rotating in the opposite direction to cut the cane at ground level.


The curved profile of the engine enclosure at the rear of the operator enables the driver to better align the rear view with the infielder or turn.


Efficient air conditioning, highly comfortable for operator resulting in higher productivity

engine assembly

Six cylinder 174 hp water cooled diesel engine designed for optimal performance

Fan assembly

The impurities such as dirt, mud, etc. are removed from the compartment before being delivered to the container. This dynamically balanced fan assembly ensures Chinese factories clean cans resulting in greater recovery

Double crop divider

This comes as a standard feature, which ensures that the harvester only takes the cane from the target line and removes the cane from the adjacent row to avoid cane


It has 16.9 x 28 inch size rear tires that provide maximum stability and low soil compaction to facilitate working in challenging conditions.

Operator cabin

The air-conditioned spacious cabin has a comfortable driver seat with height adjustment and joy stick controls for individual tasks.

Technical Specifications

Make cummins
Series B5.9
Power 173 hp
Cylinder Volume 5.9 liters
Number of cylinders 6
Aspiration after the turbo / cooler
The transfer
Type hydrostatic
Travel speed up to 15 km / h
The ability
Fuel tank 208 liters
Hydraulic oil tank 130 liters
Front 10.5 / 65-16, 14PR
Rear 16.9 x 28, 12 PR
Height Variation (mm / inch) 1050-2800 / 41.3-110.2
Height adjustment hydraulic
Crop divider
Distance between tips 1100 mm / 43.3 inch
Spiral angle 30o -32o
Height adjustment hydraulic
Bottom section rigid shoe
Feed rollers
Number of rollers 11
Number of rollers on
Roller train 8
Drive hydraulic and reversible
Upper rollers floating
Number of 3 knives per drum
Deflector plates adjustable
Knock down roller
height adjustable
Angle degree 50o
Blade number 3
Hood directional
Drive hydraulic and reversible
Turning angle 168o
Weight 8300 kg

2.Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvesters


    Excellent cost advantage

    The Austoft 4000 DoublePlus + is compact in size compared to traditional models of the Case IH, and is easy to move between sugarcane fields. The Austoft 4000 DoublePlus + was designed with the same functional concept as the Austroft 8000 Series Harvester. Because of this, many of its parts are interchangeable with other models of the case IH sugarcane harvester. This feature greatly increases the cost-benefit ratio of the machine, giving entrepreneurs value for money.


    For easy and fast service

    The Austoft 4000 DoublePlus + was designed for easy and simple maintenance. The engine, hydraulic system and critical components are easily accessible, thereby streamlining the preventive maintenance of the machine, resulting in increased machine availability for harvesting the crop.


    Rest for operator

    For greater productivity, the Ostroft 4000 features a well-designed and comfortable, air-conditioned cabin. Ergonomically positioned controls, deluxe seats and excellent overall field visibility provide optimum comfort and ease of operation to ensure long uninterrupted operation.

3.JOHN DEERE CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester

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Make engine John Deere Powertech Plus 9.0L
Standard power @ 2100 rpm 251 kW
337 hp
342 cv
Cooling system type Automatically controlled, hydraulically operated reversible cooling fan
Fuel Capacity 605 L
160 gal.
Maximum full toppers reach 5.2 meters
17 feet
Float control optional automatic float control
Standard disk diameter hard surfacing, 61 cm
In 24.
Standard blade configuration eight blades (four per drum), differential
Fan diameter 1.5 m
5 feet
Main specs
John Deere Powertech Plus 9.0 L Skip
Model 6090HT Diesel
Family AJDXL09.0102
Emissions certification available to meet the regulations of the destination country Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4
Standard power @ 2100 rpm 251 kW
337 hp
342 cv
Standard Power @ 2000 rpm 261 kW
350 HP
355 cv
Optional power @ 2100 rpm 280 kw
375 hp
380 cv
Alternative power @ 2000 rpm 298 kW
400 hp
405 cv
Cylinder inline six, wet sleeve
Displacement 9 L
In 548 cu.
Injection Pump Electronically Controlled
Aspire turbocharger with air-to-air aftercooling
Engine speed low idle
850 rpm
Field cruise
Manually adjustable from 1,900 to 2,200 rpm
full throttle
2,210 rpm
Auto field cruise
The engine speed unoils to automatically load between 2,000 and 2,210 rpm.

Alternator 200 amp

4. Mini Sugarcane Harvester

. It can cut and cook sugarcane neatly in various nature stages such as fallen sugars.
●. Use advanced hydraulic control systems so that the machine can be adjusted according to different field conditions.
●. With small size, light weight which makes the machine more flexible on the field.
●. The knife can cut deep into a 20–30 mm soil layer, so the damage rate is low.
●. With low oil consumption. The oil consumption of this machine is less than 0.15 kg per hour.
Hot tips for using sugarcane harvesters
Since the difference between the various sugarcane harvesters, there are small suggestions for their use.
First, sugarcane combine harvesters are suitable for harvesting large quantities of sugarcane and are more suitable for plain turf. While mini sugarcane harvesting is more flexible for sugarcane harvesting and it can adapt to different land forms such as hilly area, grade, soft sugarcane field.
Second, sugarcane harvested into segments should be processed rapidly. Sugarcane begins to lose its sugar content once it is cut, so if your crop cuts sugarcane into sections, sugarcane should be processed as soon as possible. However, it also has advantages that it can make sugarcane harvesting faster and more efficient.
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