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Rice Mill

Paddy or rice grains contain husk and brown rice. Brown rice, in turn, bran which consists of the outer layer and edible portion. Rice milling is stripping and removing the husk to obtain the edible portion for consumption. The process has to be completed carefully to improve the recovery of paddy or rice. The amount of recovery during milling depends on many factors such as variety of paddy, degree of milling required, quality of equipment used, operators etc. Milling is a process in which rice grains are transformed into a form suitable for human consumption and, therefore, must be done with extreme caution to prevent kernel breakage and improve recovery. The rice is further expanded to make a more visually white rice. After harvesting and drying, the paddy is subjected to the primary drilling operation which involves DE. - Removal of bran layers (polishing) before use. The rice obtained after milling in this process is called raw rice. The other process through which rice is obtai…

Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutter is simple mechanism used for cattle feed. The straw or grass is mixed with other fodder before being cut into small pieces and fed to horses and cattle. It aids the digestion of animals and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food. and its is domestic or farm usable machine. in India, paddy extract from paddy plant by manual method and their straw stock for cattle for food purpose and to cut them at domestic level use this machine.
Type of Chaff Cutter there are some type , as per by driven system as blow -  Manual Chaff CutterSemi-automatic Chaff CutterAutomatic  Chaff CutterHybrid Chaff Cutter (Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverizer)By power source   Tractor mounted Chaff CutterMotor driven Chaff CutterHand driven Chaff Cutter All type of  Chaff Cutter are classified by name and their price may change by feature by as per feature add price also increase
Brand of Chaff Cutter its a simple machine and price is very low so there are no big brand some small brand. for b…

Water Pump, Water Pump working and Type

Water Pump is a device   to use for transfer water one location to another location and path may be vertical or horizontal.  It is a simple mechanism of a two port , inlet port and outlet port both have different pressure inlet port has low pressure and outlet  port has high pressure due to different in pressure water flow low pressure to high pressure. A device that transfers liquids such as liquid and gas as well as pumps is popularly known as a pump. Pumps serve a wide range of industries such as aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration, pumping water from wells, car industry, energy industry and medical industry. This is done by means of displacement, direct lift or gravity pumps. It consumes energy, performs mechanical operations, and transfers fluid using a variety of energy sources including engines, electricity, wind power, and even manual operation. Two type of displacement use the water pump 1. Horizontal Discharge - in this discharge water pump use for transfer the …

Vacuum Pump Working and Type

About Vacuum Pump A vacuum pump is a type of system that is used to reduce fluid pressure, compared to limiting pressure, and is achieved through a vacuum system often used to remove surplus air and its elements. Additional reactants otherwise unnecessary by-products; Reducing the boiling point, etc. In many development industries, the concern is the degree of migration required to override. These pumps are classified into different types and are used by different requirements of vacuum and displacement levels in different processes.

Simply put, a vacuum pump is used to reduce the pressure in a closed container in caparison to atmospheric pressure. in simple word,  vacuum means blew atmospheric pressure
Vacuum pump efficiency mainly depends on various parameters such as pumping speed and throughput. The amplitude factors for both are different. Some corporations also calculate the capacity of the pump in terms of suction capacity and capacity to produce vacuum in Hg.

The first vacuum…

Reciprocating Pump

About Reciprocating Pump  The reciprocating pump is a positive displacement pump where some amount of liquid is collected in an enclosed volume and discharged using pressure for the required application. Reciprocating pumps are more suitable for low volume flow at high pressures.
It is often used where a relatively small amount of liquid is handled and where the delivery pressure is high. In reciprocating pumps, the chamber that traps the liquid is a stationary cylinder consisting of a piston or plunger.
Types Reciprocating PumpSimple hand-operated reciprocating pumpSimple hand operated revolving pump. The simplest example is the bicycle pump, which is used everywhere to inflate bicycle tires and various types of sports balls. The name "bicycle pump" is not really the most accurate term because it produces more compression than volume displacement.
Power-operated deep well reciprocating pumpSingle-acting reciprocating pump Consisting of a piston, in which only one side is pr…

Centrifugal Pump

About Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Pump, its is most common pump. The centrifugal pump is a simple type of pump that you can see anywhere around you, its working system is very simple. This pump creates a rotation motion by the help of prime mover and with the  help of  centrifugal force occur and that force provided flow speed to liquid.
  in other word , Centrifugal Pump's main part part impeller creates vacuum force that force provided liner motion ot fluid and hence one side of Centrifugal Pump suction forces and other side exhaust force. both force make a flow speed of material. The action of the impeller increases the fluid’s velocity and pressure and also directs it towards the pump outlet.  The pump casing is specially designed to constrict the fluid from the pump inlet, direct it into the impeller and then slow and control the fluid before discharge.
 Common uses include water, sewage, agriculture, petroleum and petrochemical pumping. Centrifugal pumps are often chos…

Submersible Pump

About Submersible Pump    Submersible Pump is a inbuilt propeller motor. it's work on centrifugal pump working process. it's a vertical pump witch have two edge, first edge use for suction and other use for release pressure. most of Submersible Pump use for water suction and in it mostly underwater pump. Other uses in industrial. A submersible pump, also called an electric submersible pump, is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump. administering seamless and hassle-free pumping services to agricultural, municipal, commercial and industrial sectors,    Submersible Pump may classified in different way like as - Type of Submersible Pump on electric consumption Single phase Submersible PumpThree phase Submersible PumpType of Submersible Pump on application 
Agriculture Submersible PumpIndustrial Submersible PumpDomestic Submersible Pump   Sub type of Submersible Pump  Water filled Submersible PumpOil…