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Power Tiller

About Power Tiller(Two-wheel tractor or walking tractor)(1) Power tiller is a motor plough(हल) used in agriculture. power tiller used for prepare soil to making agricultural. In addition to tilling the soil, power tillers can be used for ploughing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, adding fertilizers, spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and water, pumping water, harvesting crops, threshing crops, and transporting crops. All these additional tasks are performed by attaching agricultural devices such as ploughs, seeders, planters, pumps, sprays, harvesters, threshers, and carriers to the power tiller.
It is a farm machine which is mainly used to cultivate the land.It works effectively as it can reverse & cut soil simultaneously. In terms of maintenance, it is cheaper & economical to use & also requires less space.
Type of Power Tiller  Power tillers are available in three different sizes –
Mini-sized Power Tiller
These lightweight implements are good for vegeta…

Grass Cutter

What is a grass cutter? Grass cutter is machine to help cutting grass. basically it is a mechanism of motor , cutting blade and transmission system. and grass cutter driven by motor and manual. motor driven grass cutter use the power by three method  solar powered grass cutter electric driven grass cutter Engine powered grass cutter   Grass cutter is defined by application in two category
Agriculture grass cutter Domestic grass cutter  Agriculture grass cutter is also called brush cutter is also used for crop cutting its powered driven handheld grass cutter
Domestic grass cutter is also called lawn mover its use for removing unwanted grass from lawn of all type of garden.
Top Best Grass Cutters in 2020 Best  Hand operated grass cutter Wolf-Garten Professional Manual Grass Shears/Trimmer for Cutting Lawn Edge RI-GC  Made in germany Lawn edging in hard-to-reach places Suitable for cutting along walls 30% Less ma…

Combine Harvester

Tractor Combine Harvesters Harvesters use for extraction of grain from crop. The name derives from its combining three separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process. Among the crops harvested with a combine are wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn (maize), sorghum, soybeans, flax (linseed), sunflowers and canola. The separated straw, left lying on the field, comprises the stems and any remaining leaves of the crop with limited nutrients left in it: the straw is then either chopped, spread on the field and ploughed back in or baled for bedding and limited-feed for livestock.    Combine harvesterFieldking Jhon DeereClaasKubotaDashmeshMahindraPreetKS GroupACEKarter   NEW HollandShaktimaan INDO FARM 1. Fieldking Tractor Combine Harvesters In this brand one model are available FKCH-2200 Feed capacity - 4kg/s weight - 3000 Power - 88 HP Speed - 2600RPM Engin power - 2980cc fuel capacity - 130Litre  Buy throughDirect company  +91 1847156665/ 66 more infor…

Paper Plate Making Machine


Top Wire cutter ON AMAZON

1. Visko Tools 239 6-inch Wire Cutter or Stripper ColorRedItem Weight81.6 gPackage Dimensions13.8 x 6.7 x 2 cmShipping Weight68 GramsItem Model Number239Item Part Number239Primary materialSteelNumber of Pieces1 2.JK Super Drive SD7800841 JKSD 5 Inch Wire Stripper, Red Product Description Taparia 6 inch wire stripping pilers ws 05 has a length of 130 mm. It is highly effective for cutting wires and cables and is widely used by electricians and technicians. It complies with is 5087-1967 standards and is highly rated by experts as well as professionals. They are used in industries such as jewelry power generation etc.

3.Multitec 150b Wire Stripper & Cutter ultitec 150b Wire Stripper & Cutter Wire Gauge screw in slot holds stripping die to proper size for repeated jobs and prevent nipped wire …