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Electric Generator

About Electric Generator  Its is a system witch convert mechanical energy to electric energy. Electric Generator driven by many source like as domestic Electric Generator driven by engine. If electricity required in huge amount then wind turbine, hydro turbine, and steam turbine also use for providing mechanical energy. Electric Generator have many application in may field such as automotive industry. Every where electricity is required most of chance Electric Generator is to be use.
Type of Electric Generator Basically two type of generator  AC Electric Generator(Synchronous Electric Generator)DC Electric Generator But different type of Electric Generator define by application such  as
Petrol Electric GeneratorDiesel Electric Generator Gas Electric GeneratorPortable Electric GeneratorInverter Electric GeneratorStandby Electric Generator
Working of Electric Generator Electromagnetic generators fall into one of two broad categories, dynamos and alternators.
Dynamos generate pulsing dire…

sewing machine history , who invented the first sewing machine and when was the sewing machine invented

sewing machine is a simple mechanism to use joining of all type of fabric by its edge Sewing machine history
Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal, a German-born engineer working in England was awarded the first British patent for a mechanical device to aid the art of sewing, in 1755. His invention consisted of a double pointed needle with an eye at one end.