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Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven  is device to use for heating purpose its use  for industrial, domestic and research. its work on radar technology. basically the technology is developed for world war 2 for radar. the wave is used for heating in oven is microwave hence its name microwave oven  Microwave an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation.  Microwave Oven  Working Microwave ovens use a magnetron to generate microwave energy. Microwave energy travels through a waveguide and is distributed in a metal cavity where food is cooked. The waves are absorbed by the food and excite the water molecules in the food. This heat is then transferred to the entire cooking. A microwave oven is faster than a conventional oven because microwaves can penetrate the food and heat the food from the inside out. In a conventional oven, heat comes from the outside and slowly performs its function in the food th…

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is a simple mechanism which use to heat up for water till aprox 40 c.  solar water heater use for domestic of commercial both. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable energy. and government also promote.
In our latitudes, the sun shining on 1m² of roof replaces 100L of heating oil or 100 m³ of natural gas (approximately 1 000 kWh) a year.
In a one hour earth receive more energy from sun than world use in one year.
Solar Water Heater Working 
A sun-facing collector heats a working liquid that passes into the storage system for later use. SWHs are active (pump) and passive (convection-driven). They use only water, or both water and a working fluid. They are heated directly or through light-focused mirrors. They operate independently or as hybrids with electric or gas heaters. In large-scale installations, mirrors can focus sunlight into a small collector.
 Solar Water Heater working in Night Yes they do. They store water in insulated tanks. The heater collects s…

X-Ray Machine

An X-ray Machine is a device that produces X-rays. Together with the X-ray detector, it is commonly used in a variety of applications including measurement of material thickness in medicine, X-ray fluorescence, electronic assembly inspection, and manufacturing operations. In medical applications, X-ray Machine are used by radiographers to obtain X-ray images of the internal structures (eg, bones) of living organisms and are also used in sterilization. in India digital x ray machine price in mumbai
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X-Ray Machine Working The heart of the X-ray machine is an electrode pair - a cathode and anode - that sits inside a glass vacuum tube. The cathode is a hot filament, like you can find in an old fluorescent lamp. The machine passes through the filament, heating it. The heat separates electrons from the filament surface. The positively charged anode is a flat disk made of tungsten, which draws electrons into the tube. The voltage difference between…

Water Pump, Water Pump working and Type

Water Pump is a device   to use for transfer water one location to another location and path may be vertical or horizontal.  It is a simple mechanism of a two port , inlet port and outlet port both have different pressure inlet port has low pressure and outlet  port has high pressure due to different in pressure water flow low pressure to high pressure. A device that transfers liquids such as liquid and gas as well as pumps is popularly known as a pump. Pumps serve a wide range of industries such as aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration, pumping water from wells, car industry, energy industry and medical industry. This is done by means of displacement, direct lift or gravity pumps. It consumes energy, performs mechanical operations, and transfers fluid using a variety of energy sources including engines, electricity, wind power, and even manual operation. Two type of displacement use the water pump 1. Horizontal Discharge - in this discharge water pump use for transfer the …