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Flour Mill

January 27, 2020 0
Traditional Flour Mill Flour mill is used for grind for food grain like wheat, rice Sorghum  for making bread(chapatti ). flour mill i...

Rice Mill

January 26, 2020 0
RICE MILL Paddy or rice grains contain husk and brown rice. Brown rice, in turn, bran which consists of the outer layer and edible port...

Microwave Oven

January 24, 2020 4
Microwave Oven Microwave Oven  is device to use for heating purpose its use  for industrial, domestic and research. its work on rad...

Solar Water Heater

January 22, 2020 0
Solar Water Heater Solar water heater is a simple mechanism which use to heat up for water till aprox 40 c.  solar water heater use for...

X-Ray Machine

January 18, 2020 0
An X-ray Machine is a device that produces X-rays. Together with the X-ray detector, it is commonly used in a variety of applications incl...

Water Pump, Water Pump working and Type

January 16, 2020 1
centrifugal monoblock pump Water Pump is a device   to use for transfer water one location to another location and path may be vertic...
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